Suzette Girgis

Suzette Girgis

Company: Johnson & Johnson Services

Job title: Senior Director & Head of Clinical Pharmacology & Hematologic Malignancies


Closing Panel Discussion: Future Directions for BCMA-Directed Therapies 3:00 pm

Pricing/Cost Accessibility changes Is improved trial design needed? How will they be commercialized? What is the ultimate limit of BCMA as a target for myeloma? How will cell therapy infrastructure evolve & how will this effect current situation? Potential limitations to BCMA and how other targets (FcRb5/FcR115, NC28, CS1, SIRH5) could fit in the future…Read more

Teclistamab (BCMAxCD3) Journey from Discovery to Filing 9:30 am

Telling the story of a BCMA-targeted drug developmental success from bench to bedside Exploring the latest exciting data and predicting gaps and future directions for spaceRead more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: How Do Cell-Based vs Antibody-Based Anti-BCMA Therapies Compare? 10:00 am

Navigating the current treatment landscape of multiple myeloma Bispecifics vs ADCs: Looking at PFS data? Can you compare cell-based vs antibody-based, based on combination rationale? Response, Efficacy, PFS, OS? Discussing BCMA’s potential and limitations; can we become curative? Gathering early clinical information to form robust translational outcomes Discussing the effect of extramedullary disease: should we…Read more

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