Panel Discussion: How Do Cell-Based vs Antibody-Based Anti-BCMA Therapies Compare?

Time: 10:00 am
day: Day One


  • Navigating the current treatment landscape of multiple myeloma
  • Bispecifics vs ADCs: Looking at PFS data?
  • Can you compare cell-based vs antibody-based, based on combination rationale?
  • Response, Efficacy, PFS, OS?
  • Discussing BCMA’s potential and limitations; can we become curative?
  • Gathering early clinical information to form robust translational outcomes
  • Discussing the effect of extramedullary disease: should we sub-classify multiple myeloma?
  • What are the implications of BCMA loss for the different modalities?
  • Combination, anti-CD38 and line of therapy potentials and rationale for different modalities?
  • Clinical presentations discussion: extramedullary disease, neutropoenia, lymphoid issues, parkinsonian-like symptoms, prophylaxis, hypogammaglobinaemia