Pre-Conference Workshops

Workshop A - Multiple Myeloma Clinical Breakdown

Tuesday July 12, 2022

9.00AM-12.00PM EST

Understand the basic pathology of multiple myeloma and how BCMA plays a role in the tumor microenvironment, particularly once anti-BCMA therapies are used, as this is a crucial component of furthering our drug development progress. This workshop will be dedicated to:

  • Getting the latest understanding of general myeloma biology and the bone marrow microenvironment in multiple myeloma – what other biomarkers should we consider?
  • Understanding BCMA expression kinetics, it’s signaling pathway and interactions with the immune system
  • Questioning what BCMA does and how important is BCMA to multiple myeloma? How does BCMA change with anti-BCMA treatment? BCMA knockout progression? Consequences of redirecting T-lymphocytes?
  • Discovering what the consequences are of Linking biology to patient characteristics – what doesn’t add up? What do we still need answered?
  • Discussing the mechanisms behind treatment resistance and why some patients relapse much earlier than others
  • Separating based on patient characteristics? Does multiple myeloma need to be sub-classified?

Workshop Leaders

shambavi richard

Shambavi Richard
Assistant Professor
of Medicine
(Hematology and
Medical Oncology)
Mount Sinai
Medical Center

Workshop B - Translating Your Anti-BCMA Therapy into the Clinic in a Competitive BCMA Landscape

Tuesday July 12, 2022

1.00PM-4.00PM EST

With anti-BCMA therapies redefining the multiple myeloma treatment landscape, many are racing to get their drugs smartly, safely and efficaciously into the clinic. Understanding how the plethora of therapies for this vastly unmet disease will play out no matter what your modality is and learning how to differentiate your therapy from others is key. This focused workshop will cover:

  • Revealing the anti-BCMA landscape and understanding where BCMA-targeted therapies fit into the broader patient continuum of care
  • Adding context to the approved standards of care – what are the benchmarks new therapies must overcome?
  • Visions for approvals on the horizon, sequence of therapies, line of care in the next 5-10 years
  • How to differentiate your approach
  • Access of drugs in the USA – what do the ROI projections look like given the changing pricing landscape of drug commercialization? What impact will this have on BCMA targeted and multiple myeloma therapies?
  • Mapping your route to approval and market
  • What are the emerging targets and modalities, beyond BCMA?

Workshop Leaders

hans lee

Hans Chulhee Lee
Assistant Professor
MD Anderson Cancer

deixu bu

Dexiu Bu
Senior Principle
Scientist, CART
group, Immuno-
Oncology &
Novartis Institute
for Biomedical