Supercharging Transformative Next Generation BCMA-Targeted Therapies into the Clinic, Navigating the Complex Landscape & Optimizing Clinical Strategy to Revolutionize Treatment

July 12 - 14, 2022 | Boston, MA

Welcome to the BCMA Targeted Therapies Summit

There aren’t many targets like BCMA - well validated, preferentially expressed by mature B lymphocytes and specific to multiple myeloma – meaning that novel drugs against BCMA continue to emerge. This brings with it an unmatched therapeutic and commercial opportunity for multiple myeloma patients, a large proportion of whom continue to experience poor tolerability, duration of response and develop resistance.

As such, the BCMA Targeted Therapies Summit returns for its second year, as the industry’s definitive conference dedicated to:

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Exploring and differentiating the next-generation drug modalities targeting BCMA, including bispecific antibody constructs, antibody–drug conjugates, and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-modified T-cell therapy

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Rationalizing combination approaches and crack the sequencing conundrum to overcome resistance mechanisms

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Sharing toxicology and safety data to optimize drug potency and balancing dose-response relationships, particularly when it comes to combination strategies

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Investigating multiple myeloma biology and quantify BCMA using optimized preclinical models and assays to accelerate translation of preclinical assets into the clinic

Following the recent FDA approval of Cilta-Cel from Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson & Legend Biotech Corporation in Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma, marking J&J’s first cell therapy approval, the space is set to expect many more & there is truly nowhere better to unite with this exploding community and progress your drug development than at this exclusive ‘gathering of minds’.

2022 Speaker Faculty

Not Excited Yet? Hear What Our Speakers Have to Say:

“BCMA is the new target for the treatment of our patients with myeloma. It is exciting to see how there are several ways to target it but, on the other side, we have to know how to differentiate them, how to incorporate them in the treatment landscape and how to sequence them….that is where the value of this meeting lies”

Maria-Victoria Mateos, Consultant Physician, Myeloma Program Clinical Trials Unit. Haematology Department & Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Salamanca

“This conference offers a valuable opportunity, within a niche and comprehensive forum dedicated to BCMA…Preclinical proof-of-concept will be brought together with up-to-date clinical data in one presentation.  There is compounded value to have a series of such presentations all at this one meeting.”

Shinta Cheng, Vice President Clinical Development, SpringWorks Therapeutics

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